さっそく午後は、BNI台北で快く話しかけてくださった、Raymond Chen さんのオフィスへ。





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  4. Aah, your mum and dad seem like a right laugh! I think they might be teasing you more than you think. That is a GREAT list of dos and donts though – honestly helpful coz I’m really old and my kids are really young. Excuse me now though *slides under table* ‘I’m melting!’ am going to practise that! Great piece. Well done.

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  6. Hi Karen, I am a fellow American runner in London. Although I don’t have a blog of my own, I really enjoy reading yours! And I can identify with the toenail story — I’ve experienced that a few times. As weird as the process is, fortunately, it is completely painless (at least after the blister has gone away!). Good for you for signing up for another marathon — they are addictive!I am training for Berlin at the end of Sept, so let me know if you ever want to do a run together over the summer– I’d be particularly grateful for a running buddy for those 15+ mi runs! Do get in touch if you’re interested.Good luck with your training!Annie

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